Authentic Texas Bbq in Bali

Straight from the head pitmaster right here at Smokehouse BBQ in Bali.

Its 6:30 pm and while you’re queueing up to get some good barbecue we’re starting the cook for tomorrow’s service. There’s no rushing Texas BBQ. The only way to do it right is to plan everything in advance and be diligent about minding the smoker. We’re cooking for tomorrow, today.

Every pitmaster will tell you he or she has the best methodology for cooking brisket, yet each pitmaster cooks differently. There’s room for self expression in Texas barbecue, but the menu is fairly traditional.

Authentic Texas Style barbecue is the art of time-honored, overnight wood smoked meats.

In the great state of Texas, when it comes to barbecue, there is no grail holier than a slice of brisket or pork shoulder done right. Every single piece of a true Texas style “Low and Slow” barbecue done right is a distinct joy in texture and taste. Smoky, supple, tender and melt-in-your-mouth are the terms we use to describe authentic Texas barbecue.

“Low & Slow” wood smoking is the only way to achieve great Texas barbecue.

With Texas style barbecue, “Low and Slow” is the term that best describes the cooking process.  “Low and Slow” is key because cuts such as brisket & pork are quite large and must be cooked at low temperatures and over a long period of time. This is done so that the outside is not overcooked and the flavors and juices stay in while the middle of the cut reaches the proper internal temperature.

Beef Brisket is King in Texas!

The large Texas cattle industry brought with it a lot of what were originally unwanted secondary cuts, Brisket included. Nowadays Brisket is as sought after as a good steak, and the meat cost reflects it! Back in the day, they had all these offcuts, what to do with them? If you try to grill a piece of brisket you’ll end up with meat that has the consistency of rubber. If you slow cook it, you’ve got black gold!

Pork Spare Ribs.

Spare ribs are delicious, and there is no better way to cook them than to smoke them. They’re also affordable in comparison to their Beef Rib counterparts.  They’ve got more fat to them than baby back ribs, so the low & slow cooking process of Texas BBQ melts that all away and leaves tender meat just about to fall off the bone.


Texas BBQ is directly connected to the heritage of German families who immigrated around the 1800s. They brought with them sausage-making expertise, and then local flavor palettes spiced up the the end result. A Texas Hot Link should be spicy, juicy with a good snap to each bite!

Pulled Pork.

Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder would be the most recent addition to Texas BBQ culture. In the US, smoked pork hails from the Carolinas, where it’s usually cooked whole hog over wood coals. Texas took the best cut, (In our opinion!) being the shoulder and gave it a home on Texas menus. Delicious!

We’re following in the footsteps of Pitmasters before us, proselytizing Texas Barbecue! Come try out Smokehouse BBQ and see why everything is bigger in Texas!