BBQ To Go & Preorders

We try to prepare enough BBQ to meet demand, but sometimes we sell out early!

Preorder or get some Authentic Texas BBQ to go!

If you’d like to ensure you get some food you can put in a preorder with us before you plan to eat.

If you have a large preorder, we’ll need you to submit the order 24 hours in advance.

Minimum order amount RP 150.000, paid in advance.

You may SMS or WhatsApp Message to +6287862351052 with:

  • Your Name
  • Phone Number
  • The date you would like food prepared for you.
  • How you’d like to eat the food: To Go or Dine In
  • Your Order Details: What do you want to eat?

Or Email us:

We’ll give you the total cost and a method of payment:
Indonesian Bank Transfer, Prepaid, or a Paypal Invoice.

We recommend approximately 2-300 grams of meat per person, more if you are a champion eater.

We also sell whole Briskets, Racks of Ribs and Pork Shoulders (for Pulled Pork).

If you’d like to purchase a whole Brisket, rack of ribs, or pork shoulder, give us 24 hours advance notice.

Whole briskets and pork shoulders average around 2.5 kg, with pork spare ribs around 1.4 kg.